Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Horrible blogger

I'm on gchat with my sister and she mentions that I am a horrible blogger. Yes, I know. I apologize it's been so long. The blogosphere world can celebrate once more though because I'm finally posting an update.

My last post was in May so there is way too much to write about in detail. I'll have to keep this update brief. After coming back from Thailand/Laos/Cambodia/Malaysia, I started working for Wall Street Institute. Working for WSI has been a blessing, I actually look forward to going to work every day. I get to teach adults that really want to learn English, in an environment that is stable and fun. I worked for a bit near Samsung Station but then transferred to a WSI branch near Kangnam Station. The Kangnam area is probably the best place to work in in all of Korea because it's always fast paced, full of people, bright neon lights galore, chaotic, lots of food options, and near my apartment. I found a four bedroom apartment on that's right near the Han River, literally a two minute walk. I share it with a French guy who's in Korea getting his masters. Lately, I've been teaching at Samsung, conducting a conversation class with 6 business people. It's super laid back and the lessons are completely up to me. I teach at WSI each weekday evening from 7:00pm until 10:00pm and on Saturdays. I've been doing odd jobs here and there like writing some material for WSI and conducting interviews for Samsung.

Seoul is absolutely great. I love living in a huge city that never sleeps. But, I've decided it's time for me to pick up and move on to the next thing. I'm returning to the USA December 22nd, right in time for Xmas. It's been a while since I've seen my parents, so this'll be nice. I'm looking for a job now, hopefully on the west coast, but haven't lined anything up just yet.

There is plenty of stuff about Korea I should write about but fortunately my friend Joe has been doing just that. Check out his blog, He's a better writer than I am and has a better camera. He lives just one subway stop away, so we try and hang out when we can.

See you soon America!

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